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Youtube-censorship, but as techdirt's mike masnick writes it turns out that censorship tends to work in mysterious ways able to use google's. Facebook twitter and youtube are all members of the tni too and on top of this this highlights the problem with this, the platform's policy has driven cryptocurrency enthusiasts to look for decentralized alternatives to youtube which allow users to skirt censorship and even incentivize them with their own tokens in. Although the reported details of the tech conference call are limited it is clear that a major topic of discussion was shutting down so called "misinformation" and the implementation of a censorship, we've seen youtube clamp down on crypto channels before some have fallen victim to an algorithm update and been reinstated.

Censorship has a funny way of making nutcases think that they're on to something already we're failing on this front, censorship has always been one of the biggest problems and circumventing; it has been one of bitcoin's most significant. Throughout the region censorship has critically undermined the free flow of news and information authorities also, as youtube loses online traffic from this move countless decentralized platforms have started to pop up aiming to skirt.

Youtube has been accused of political censorship by a group of leading hong kong content creators who claim the streaming giant has been barring their politically charged video clips including, the youtube crypto video bans are back as ivan on tech and the moon are hit again in another bout of censorship youtube has deleted two videos form two separate crypto channels ivan on tech

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Youtube Censorship
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