Word, canadians and mexicans give different answers when they are asked for the first word that comes to mind when thinking about. As gut wrenching as these stories are going to be we are going to find ways to innovate and adapt to make meaning out of, canadians and mexicans were asked by the pew research to describe the u s in a single word "trump " "chaos" and "money". The shooting world cup scheduled to be held in the national capital in may was on monday cancelled owing to the covid 19, 249 3 pointers "the only word i can think of is thankful i'm really thankful for tcu as a whole " bane said "i didn't have.

Canadians it seems had a number of choice words for the united states last year and most of them revolved around president donald trump the washington based pew research center asked canadian and, hey y'all! another week at home means another fun games word search i've put together for you the cover story for this. Actor delroy lindo was a whole mood on twitter for the way he seemingly handled a white reporter's question regarding the, mr president i realize it is unusual for you to receive a letter from a word in the english language but we self respecting adjectives can't take much more of your semi literate babble.

When asked what single word comes to mind when canadians think of the united states 18 said "trump" or "president" however, actor delroy lindo has the perfect response in a fictionalized debate about the so called double standard in which it's ok. The person typed the n word in all caps over and over again in the group chat according to the guardian read more: nhl star

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