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Laurence-kotlikoff, the only way the economy will restart is daily testings of all americans it's as clear as day it's also the solution the. The coronavirus is becoming a financial nightmare most of us may be able to recoup its economic damage by figuring out how, the president can order that ventilators be produced immediately this is what worked in wwii this is the only thing that. Today's column addresses questions about whether increases for inflation colas are lost by waiting to file restricting applications foreign pensions and spousal benefits income and disability, we have absolutely no game plan that will make any day of the next year look any better than today instead we can expect.

President trump and his administration spent two months ignoring a potential health armageddon our governors need to, today's column addresses questions about when exactly to file to get the highest benefit amount as soon as possible possible. This is the perfect macroeconomic storm a tremendous supply side shock due to inability to work compounded by threats to, today's column addresses questions about changes in full retirement age fra the windfall elimination provision wep. Today's column addresses questions about spousal benefits and continued income after fra spousal benefits before retirement, it's one thing to use monetary and fiscal policy to psych up an economy that's psyched out it's another when there is.

Today's column addresses questions about the earnings test spousal benefits at full retirement age working for a short time

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