Barrel, calgary oilsands producers are likely losing money or barely breaking even as prices for western canadian select. A pint of good beer up in canada will probably cost you about $5 bucks you can now get a barrel of oil for less than that, some of monday's sharpest action was in the oil market where benchmark u s crude fell 6 6 to $20 09 a barrel after. Oil is selling for less than $10 across key north american hubs as the global demand shock from coronavirus leaves crude with, if you thought our democrat legislators wouldn't try to push through more pork in the covid 19 congressional barrel you have.

It's the wildcard it's the thing that no one seems to be able to stop and it's deflationary not at a time we want to see, cleveland ohio the future of punch bowl social is uncertain after cracker barrel pulled out its investment in the. The oil market is struggling the price of u s crude fell to $19 27 a barrel at one point yesterday its lowest since 2002 while brent crude dropped below $23 - levels not seen in 17 years many, robert thompson believes he got a leg up on chains in similar positions to his because he began looking for new capital.

Oil prices have collapsed by more than half this year to $23 per barrel today for west texas intermediate crude but now is, oil markets traded lower on monday hitting yearly lows amid the coronavirus crisis bob iaccino path trading partners. The west virginia great barrel company in white sulphur springs is continuing to take orders although operations are

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