The wait is over! The Insurgent Trailer has arrived, and it is AMAZING. Check out the trailer below to see it and let us know your favorite parts!


After the countdown Insurgent stills, we now have clips!! This Divergent Fandom Teaser has released to keep us satisfied until the actual trailer comes out. For the full length trailer, we'll have to wait till Friday. But feast your eyes on this teaser till then! It's definitely worth it!


Over the last couple days, the Official Divergent Twitter has been releasing several Insurgent Stills leading up to the Trailer, that is coming to you this Friday, 12/12! These stills are the first look we've gotten of the second Divergent installment. Check out the stills here!

According to Renaissance Learning, Veronica Roth's Divergent beat The Hunger Games as one of the most popular books amongst students! Their data was based on the 2013-2014 school year, whilst the year before, The Hunger Games was still at the top.

Now that the official 3D posters have been released, we are now get to experience a new type of joy. The Divergent fandoms have recently been in a state of excitement over the brand new Teaser Trailer. This new snippet was released on the 12th of November. Tris teases us by being bold and bad-ass in this short clip. The full length trailer will be released at a later date. In case you missed this teaser you can watch it right here!

This year for the People’s Choice Award Divergent has been nominated for ‘Best Action Movie’. In addition Theo James and Shailene Woodley are also up for the ‘Best Duo’ award. Shai has also been selected for the following awards: Favorite Action Movie Actress and Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. Please make sure you go and vote here. Remember you can vote as many times as you want during the day.

The Divergent team have finally released the first look at characters posters for Insurgent. Originally the posters were reveled on Twitter throughout the entire day on different sites. A special treat for fans was that the posters were all in 3D! Characters that have been reveled so far are Uriah, Caleb, Tori, Peter, Max, Christina, Four and Tris

HarperCollins have recently released Divergent: Collectors Edition on October 21st. This special edition includes a lot of never before seen content. Here’s the list of all the exclusive things you’ll get to read!

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